PHOTOS: 32-Year-Old Man Who Pretends To Be 81 Nabbed While Trying To Get Into US

Jayesh Patel, an Indian man who tried to get out of India and into USA, posed himself as 81-year-old named Amrik Singh, was caught at the time of security check.

The 32-year-old man was stopped as he was trying to board a flight to New York at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi by the Central Industrial Security Force.

Disguised in zero power glasses to conceal his age, make-up, a turban and a dyed beard, he made it through initial security checks and past immigration officials, a spokesperson for the Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) told news agency IANS.

Patel reportedly hired an agent who got him the documents and arranged for him to be made-up to look like an 81-year-old in a hotel in Delhi, according to local media. Patel agreed to pay the agent once he had arrived in the U.S

According to a press released by CISF, Patel refused to go through frisking at the security hold area on the pretext that he is unable to stand since he was old.

Foul play was detected by a CISF personnel when it was noticed that Patel was avoiding eye contact during the interaction. On checking Patel’s passport, it was detected that he should be 82 whereas his physical appearance did not match his age in the passport which made him to be further enquired.

On tactful questioning, Patel revealed his identity and said that he hails from Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

“The appearance and skin texture of the passenger seemed to be much younger than mentioned in the passport,” the CISF said in the press release.

“We’ve never seen a similar case at the Delhi airport before,” added the CISF.

As of now, Jayesh Patel has been handed over to Immigration officials for further investigation. A probe is on to know as to why he was undertaking this illegal act, the press release said.

See photos below:

Patel’s passport

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