Video Of Kannywood Actress, Maryam Booth Leaked By Boyfriend

So pitiful, Maryam Booth is trending for the wrong reason.

The Kannywood A-list actress who of recent stared in the unreleased movie titled Milk Maid got the internet on flame as her uncl@d video was shared by lover.

In the video, Maryam Booth was seen stark n@ked fiddling with her p@nties but she stopped the moment she found out she was being filmed.

She yanked the phone from the person filming her.

With her reaction, one could tell the person behind the camera was not a stranger.

Saying Maryam Booth knew the video was taped is not a point, leak is leak.

Saying one should deal with wise people not idiots that will expose them is not a point.

The point here is either love or money. Love can make you trust blindly without expecting such, money is deadliest.

Watch video below;

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