Two Psychiatric Patients Are Killed By Fellow Patient At German Hospital Who Also Attacks Female Nurses And A Police Officer

A 21-year-old mental patient has been blamed for slaughtering two individual patients and assaulting two female medical attendants and a cop at a German emergency clinic.

The one who conceded himself to the mental center in the northern town of Lüneburg, close to Hamburg, on Thursday, February 18, purportedly assaulted two more seasoned male patients, matured 54 and 56, on Friday night at 2am and killed them.

He at that point assaulted the nursing staff and harmed two female medical caretakers, matured 42 and 61, and a cop, Lueneburg police representative Antje Freudenberg said.

As per nearby paper Die Lippische Landes-Zeitung, a few cops hurried to the Lüneburg Psychiatric Clinic and when they moved toward the presume he supposedly tossed objects at them, harming one official.

The police said they utilized pepper shower to stifle and capture him.

Police say the presume choked the 54-year-elderly person to death while the more established patient was raced to emergency clinic where he passed on because of his wounds.

The speculate stays in authority and the examination is continuous.

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