Starbucks Employee Spit In Cops’ Drinks, Park Ridge Police Say

A past member of staff of a Starbucks in commons Ridge, New Jersey, is accused of spitting in drinks served to keep watch over officers, establishment said.

Kevin Trejo, 21, of Westwood, was arrested and emotional Monday after an investigation bring into being that he fight in the drinks of officers who patronized the collection somewhere he worked, square crinkle monitor Chief Joseph wind up understood in a statement.

Madden thanked the management of the amass for “their sincere cooperation” and alleged it appears Trejo acted alone.

“We got a tip that he had complete this,” Capt. Joseph Rampolla told NBC News. “That was sufficient for our detective agency to pick up concerned, above all during” the coronavirus pandemic.

Rampolla believed it is indistinguishable how numerous epoch Trejo argument in drinks.

“We judge it happened new than in the past but we preserve confirm it happened at slightest just the once on May 25,” he assumed in a telephone interview Tuesday. Rampolla did not elaborate on how supervise fixed the May 25 incident.

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To date, no officers renowned to contain visited the deposit control fallen ill, he said, but the region is in the deal with of alerting officers from surrounding jurisdictions who may partake of bought a sip from the hoard on or around May 25.

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