Man Drinking At Wheel Claimed He ‘Drives Better Drunk’ Before Fatal Crash

A man was gotten on camera driving under the influence prior to smashing his vehicle, murdering three individual travelers, including his better half.

The stunning film was livestreamed on Facebook to 47-year-old Camilo Morejon’s profile as he passed through Jersey Village in northwest Houston, Texas from the get-go Sunday morning, October 25.

Before the accident, Mr. Morejon was seen drinking from a jug of what has all the earmarks of being lager while gloating, ‘I drive better when I drink.’ His sweetheart can likewise be seen savoring the Facebook Live video.

Not long after the video closes, Morejon’s vehicle, a silver Honda smashed into a pickup truck slaughtering the three different tenants of his own vehicle and leaving the pickup driver battling for his life.

The Harris County District Attorney has accused Morejon of three checks of inebriation homicide and one tally of inebriation attack.

Harris County investigator, Sean Teare said the Facebook live video demonstrated him being in the driver’s seat and drinking lager.

‘It’s exceptionally uncommon that we see activities of the litigant that nearby so as to a terrible accident like that yet it’s what occurs, it’s what goes on minutes before lives are lost,’ Teare said.

‘We’ve had four accidents in 24 hours that will add to seven passings conceivably, which are all going to be charged,’ Teare said.

Examiners state they are additionally taking a gander at various bars that may have offered liquor to Morejon to check whether they may have conceivably assumed a part in the accident.

‘We accept there are most likely three or four bars that are around the region we accept they were and we are in the process today of setting off to those areas figuring out which ones were contributing elements to this accident,’ Teare said.

The dead travelers have been distinguished as his better half Leosveyka Gonzalez, Pedro Martinez and Massel Rodriguez.

Morejon is likewise at present in genuine condition in the medical clinic alongside the driver of the pickup, Ricardo Rodriguez-Tamayo. Whenever sentenced for the charges he faces, he could be imprisoned for as long as 80 years as per Click2Houston.

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