If you want too gain insight to someone personalities when you meet them then sit back and read this carefully. These re all you need to give a close watch.

1. Eye contact: you need to notice the kind of contact someone is giving you, If someone can’t take there eyes of you, It means you re the type they can trust, If someone can’t look into your eyes then they have something too hide.

2. Eyebrows: There re three reason why eyebrows go up 1. Surprise 2. Worry 3 . Fear, If someone raise there eyebrows, It’s shows they re pretty uncomfortable.

3. Smile: When it comes to smiling , The mouth can lie but eyes never lies, People often smile to hide feeling but if you want too know a real smile , Watch the crinkle at the corner of the eyes, If they re there , That smile is hiding something.

4 . Side Glance: When you re having conversations with someone and they re looking another side, Just know your time is up and end the conversation instantly.

5. Excess nodding : When someone nods at your conversation, Yea there re into you, Go ahead with the conversation.

6. Rubbing Hands: It’s believed that the hand works with the head is thinking, people often rub hand when they re hoping for something better in future.

7. Handshake: The way someone shake you is a good way to know what someone plans for you , If the handshake is short just know you re not welcome.

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8. Distance: If someone lean towards you then it’s clear they re interested in what you have too say, Also it’s a sign of respect and a sign they can confide in you.

9 . Holding the baby: Happy mother holds the baby in the left hand while stressed mum hold the baby in the right hand with there face facing another direction.

10. Cross Arms and legs : crossing of hands or leg shows the person is thinking about something else and you should make the conversation shorter, Study shows people that cross hand or legs re mentally connected else where and not your conversation

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