Glo Gbam: How To Migrate, Benefits

Glo keeps surprising its customers by providing them with great tariff plans for them to enjoy better communication.

The Glo Gbam is a tariff plan where you can get to enjoy making phone calls for just11k/s to all networks. In lines below, you will find out about the Glo Gbam tariff plan and how you can migrate to this plan.

There is a fierce competition among all the telecommunication companies in Nigeria and they are all trying to dominate in every angle including data, voice calls, internet speed, bonuses and promotions etc.

Glo already has one of the best data plans in the country, they have taken a step further in offering this tariff plan to make their customers make calls at affordable rates.

The Glo Gbam is one of the cheapest and convenient tariff plans in Nigeria. It allows you to make calls to any network of your choice at 11 kobo/second after a daily access fee of N5.

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Another unique advantage of this plan is that you can make calls to five countries namely – United Kingdom, Canada, India, China and the United States at a flat rate of just 20k/sec. The price for SMS to local numbers in Nigeria is N4 while you are charged N10 for SMS made to international destinations.

Code To Migrate To Glo Gbam
You can migrate to the Glo Gbam tariff plan by dialling the migration code. Simply dial 1006*1# to migrate.

Glo doesn’t charge you for migrating to this plan, it is absolutely free.
If you are an active Glo subscriber, you should migrate to the Glo Gbam to enjoy calls at cheap rates.

The only downside of this tariff plan is that it doesn’t attach any data bonuses, however, it is one of the most affordable tariff plans for Glo subscribers.

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The Glo Gbam plus tariff plan is the lowest of all Glo tariff plans in the country. N5 will be charged only for days that you make calls, You are free from any cahrges on days that you did not make any call, juicy offer right?. For local and international SMS rates you are charged N4 for Nigeria and N10 to international destinations.

The only con of this plan is that it is not suitable for data users as it does not come with any data plan, it’s basically a tarrif plan for those who make lots of daily business calls which can also be an advantage, and needs to be used regularly.

The price of the tariff plan does not include any data. It is the same as the Glo Bounce tariff plan which gives 20MB of data.

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