Former Premier League official Howard Webb believes the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system that has proved so divisive in the UK in recent months will gradually win over its doubters.

Introduced at the start of the 2019-20 campaign, VAR has made a number of contentious decisions in the English top flight, but Webb, the 2010 World Cup final referee, is a big proponent of the technology.

Webb is now the general manager of the professional referee organisation of Major League Soccer in the United States, which has been using VAR since August 2017.

And Webb said via conference call: “We don’t feel it’s a marmite issue, we love it over here. Our officials really enjoy using it, I enjoy seeing it being utilised for those occasions for when it does come into its own.

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We’re keen to make sure and we always have been that it doesn’t interfere with the game, it sits there to provide a little benefit on those situations that are really difficult for officials to see in full speed, those match-significant situations.

“By and large it does that really well, it sits in the background and steps in when it needs to.

“There’s no doubt that it gets better the longer that it’s implemented, we’ve seen that in our roll out, we’re much better now than we were three years ago. I think you see that in every competition around the world.” Sports

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