7 types of people you need to completely avoid

Some people re dangerous and you will be putting your life at risk associating with them, Here re the list of people you should stay far from

1. Gossips: Those who criticizes and talk about other people re the worst set of people you should ever move with, They say what happen to people behind there back and definitely they will say yours sometimes, Sometimes you need to stop them and help them understand that gossiping damage both you and the person you re talking about.

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2. Jealous Haters : They devalue you when they know deeply you re going higher, They try to limit your accomplishments.

3. Time wasters: They have no serious plan for you , They use people and hardly have something to offer you, You need to let them know you have to get along with your business so you have too shut them down.

4. Grabbers: They re with you for the benefit , Take something from you and dismiss you.

5 . Over sensitive: They have thousand of reason for something not to work, They re very picky .

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6 : Excuse Maker: They have reason for Everything, They have reason for why something won’t favor you , They re about themselves and they don’t want too know anything about you.

7: Miseducated People: Not all educated people means educated people, Some re semi illiterate, They re getting something wrong about a particular fact but they believe they know it all, They don’t know something and they re not giving a learning space because they think they know it all.

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