4 Democratic Governors Denies Pentagon Request For National Guard Troops

Four United States governors elected on the platform of the Democratic party governors reportedly turned down requests from Defense Secretary Mark Esper to send National Guard troops to Washington D.C. to help with security and restore order amid the protest sparked over the death of African American, George Floyd.

The governors include Ralph Northam, Andrew Cuomo, Tom Wolf and John Carney of Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware states respectively.

It was gathered that the Defense Department, in some instances, was counting on troop support from those states before the governors intervened.

Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Chris Mitchell, on Tuesday said; “I can confirm that personnel from the NY National Guard were expected to move to DC last night, but permission was withdrawn by the governor.”

During his daily press briefing, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that New York’s National Guard was completely focused on the state.

“I don’t know what requests they’ve gotten, but I can tell you this, I wouldn’t grant any request to send National Guard out of the state at this time because I want them in this state in case we need them,” Cuomo said.

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Similarly, Gov. John Carney’s office confirmed to reporters that it received a request for troop help but decided against it because of the needs in Delaware, but also said the President’s posture played a role in the decision.

“Frankly the rhetoric out of the White House seemed like it had the potential to provoke additional unrest. For those reasons, the governor was not comfortable with members of the Delaware Guard assisting in the response.

“Delaware is not sending members of the Guard to Washington at this time,” said Jonathan Starkey, Carney’s deputy chief of staff.

In Virginia, an official with a direct knowledge of the deliberations said Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, made the decision not to send troops after consulting with Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser and her office.

Bowser’s team told Virginia officials that they had not requested any additional assistance.

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On CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday morning, Bowser confirmed her office had nothing to do with any request for help.

“We didn’t request any assistance, DC police did not request any assistance from our neighbors,” Bowser said.

“And we do have throughout the national capital region arrangements to assist each other if we — if there is ever a mass event that requires additional policing. We haven’t taken the step of requesting that assistance from around our region. And we haven’t requested assistance from other states.”

Also, Pennsylvania state officials also confirmed that they, too, turned down the request out of concern for the need of troops to deal with issues in their state.

“Pennsylvania did receive this request. The National Guard currently has significant resources deployed across Pennsylvania. Their current priority is assisting commonwealth municipalities in their response to de-escalate violence and keep our communities safe,” said Lyndsay Kensinger, a spokeswoman for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.

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